Purposeful and collaborative

OracIFA is an evolution for Financial Advisors and their colleagues. Our Members refer and receive business, and collaborate online. OracIFA Members include directly authorised, multi-tiered and single-tiered Financial Advisors, estate planners and related solicitors, accountants and professional advisors.

OracIFA is highly configurable to your business needs. Members can establish a personal network of colleagues and also offer business to the wider community. Referral rules can be established by Members. For example, multi-tiered Financial Advisor opportunities can be passed within their own networks or to others that meet their network rules. Specific qualifications can also be applied to referrals, such as the need for a will writer to have had a STEP qualification for 2 years. Unwanted referrals e.g. final salary schemes can be filtered out or passed to others in the community as required.

OracIFA is a purpose written enterprise level application. It supports and distributes qualified leads to Members, captures pre- fact find information and facilitates business referrals to established relationships and new connections. In addition, a plethora of social networking features makes OracIFA the professional choice for you and your colleagues.

To join OracIFA an Introducer agreement or contract with your organisation will be required incorporating OracIFA Terms of Use. For further information, please contact our new business development team today on tel: +44 (0) 1788 298 068. We look forward to working with you.

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Leads and referrals

Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Life Cover

Protection – Certificate level e.g. PFS/CII or higher including Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Whole of Life Cover, Income Protection...

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Mortgage – Mortgage qualification e.g. CMAP/MAQ for Residential, and unregulated Commercial...

pensions, investments

Pensions and Investments - Diploma level e.g. PFA/CII or Chartered including Pension, New Investments, Legacy Asset Transfer...

Estate Planning

Estate Planning – Wills and other qualifications e.g. STEP, including Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Funeral Plans...

How it works

Orac IFA

Traditionally, a Financial Advisor or other professional would exchange Client opportunities with others for mutual benefit. For example, an IFA may pass a Will or Lasting Power of Attorney request from a Client to a known solicitor. From time to time that solicitor may also pass Protection, Mortgage, and Pensions and Investment opportunities to the IFA. This mutual exchange of beneficial opportunities is how OracIFA also operates. Members can work in private groups or interact with the entire community.

As an OracIFA Member, we gather additional information from the Client to facilitate the exchange of referrals. This may see another Member asking qualifying questions for you when meeting their Clients. This exchange of referrals is a win-win for all Members and Clients within OracIFA, and supports the traditional approach of the Financial Advisor. The opportunity for our Members is to gain commissions and introducer fees from products they would not normally introduce and from professionals they may not always know personally. OracIFA also supports your current network by allowing you to invite your colleagues to exchange business and interact with you socially.

In addition to referred business, a Financial Advisor may also advertise, network and purchase business leads from telemarketing and on-line providers. This approach attempts to create a regular stream of Qualified leads that can also be turned into business. Again, OracIFA supports Members by allowing leads to be ordered week-to-week. All OracIFA qualified leads are personally verified by our British quality team before being passed to our Members on an exclusive basis. OracIFA qualified leads can be requested by postcode, lead type, criteria and numbers per week. OracIFA can also embed a marketing form within your own website so as to pipe online leads directly into your OracIFA account so as to refer business and benefit from additional revenue streams.

For further information regarding OracIFA, please contact our new business development team on tel: +44 (0) 1788 298 068 today. We look forward to working with you.

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About Us

Dunsmore Marketing Limited

Dunsmore Marketing has incorporated over a decade of lead generation and management experience into its high-end proprietory software platform - Orac. In 2013, Dunsmore embarked on the creation of OracIFA. The resulting platform is a unique and robust end-to-end service for Financial Advisors that not only supports professional relations but significantly, business referrals and leads within this community.

OracIFA began beta-testing with a select group of Northwest professionals in April 2015. As a result of this success, OracIFA will shortly be offered to the UK-wide professional community.

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